Wake up in the morning and go to your mirror. Look at the person you see on the other side. Are you happy with him? or do you have a list of things that you need to change?

Are you happy when you end the day? or do you complain about not achieving what you should have done?

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Who is to be blamed for all these? is it the TV series that you have been watching all day? the mobile phone or social media apps? that stupid rain which made you want a cozy nap?


It is you who should take responsibility for your life. It is time to start from where you left out. Let’s begin today! All the hopes and dreams you have for success need a foundation to lay on. So, let's build the foundation from now on.

Weigh a person’s success in a balance scale ⚖️, the weight of success on one side and all the reasons for success on the other. You will see that “self-discipline” has been a major part of your road to success. If you have no self-discipline, you are far away from success.

Self-discipline is necessary to the success of your education, economical status, love, life, marriage and everything else from going shopping to managing a business.

so lets first understand what self discipline is…

What is Self Descipline?

Self discipline is your ability to take over your mind and execute what you should be doing. It is a practice to guard yourself from being taken over by your feelings and impulses.

Self-decipline as definition suggests, should be learned, repeated and practiced regularly. So, I will be giving you few simple tips on how to take over your mind and be the master who guides you towards success.

Tips to be Self Disciplined

  1. Forgive your past & look forward

Starting something new while blaming yourself for previous mistakes will not work. So, you need to take time, look back at your weaknesses, understand where you went wrong and most importantly forgive the past.

With a good understanding on what slows you down, plan on counteractions. be courageous to kill your demons and move on.

2. Prioritize

If you feel like you are spending more time on unnecessary things, the best way is to make a list of your priorities in life. Then, order it from the highest to lowes priority. This way, you will remember what to do in the first place and not waste time procrastinating.

Bonus 🌟: Put the most difficult tasks to the top of the list. completing the tasks which burden you the most will give you a feeling of relief, and you would want to complete more of them.

3. Let the count down begin

Whenever you feel demotivated, count from 1 to 10 and start working rightaway. Counting with conscious mind will help you flip your mind back into work.

Always give a little push on the back when you feel like stopping.

4. Give it a break

Self discipline does not mean tiring yourself day and night. Always have small breaks from work to enjoy little moments of life. Listen to music, or watch your favorite movie to get a bit of fuel to your mind.

5. Keep a reminder

I know it is hard to practice this regularly. But, to avoid forgetting, keep a small note to yourself. write your goals down on a place where you always see.

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Constantly remind you of your ultimate goal and the reason why you started in the first place. This will make you feel drawn to your goals and encourage you to achieve them faster.

6. Be grateful

Always be nice to yourself. Stop complaining and blaming yourself.

Celebrate every small achievement and give yourself rewards🎁 It can be as small as buying yourself an icecream🍦. Always be grateful for what you have achieved so far.

Self discipline can be hard, so always remember to be grateful and enjoy every success.

Practicing these tips regularly should take you closer to achieving your goals. They have definitely helped me and hope it will do the same for you too

Make you backpack ready and climb up the mountain! It is time to own your success ❤️️

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